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Quote 'LOYALTY' Under ID Code To Save £100* 37 New, Updated, Budget-Friendly Strategies  For Charities, Not-For-Profit & Public Sector Organisations To Cost-Effectively Engage & Inspire Audiences - Low Cost, High Impact!

1. Reach, Captivate & Engage With Winning Digital Channel Mixes
2. New! Cohesive & Creative Comms Teams In A Hybrid Working Environment
3. Latest! Social Media Updates
4. The Future Of Digital Communications
5. Audience Insights, Data & Personalisation

6. Measure ROI, Prove Digital Campaign Impact
7. Update! Get Inspired With Creative Content & Campaigns That Cut Through
8. Digital Fundraising – Embed Crucial Learnings To Maximise Income
9. Budget-Friendly New Tech
10. Powerful Video & Visual Storytelling

37 Charity, NFP & Public Sector Leaders Share Fresh Insights Into How To Reach & Engage Audiences In A New Era Of Digital Communications Through Savvy Use Of Channels, Social Media, Audience Insights & Personalisation, Measurement, Cut Through Content, Digital Fundraising, Budget-Friendly New Tech & Fresh Video

  1. Reach, Captivate & Engage With Winning Digital Channel Mixes: Establish the right digital channel blend on a budget to deliver seamless omni-channel journeys and project brand identity authentically
  2. NEW! Cohesive & Creative Comms Teams In A Hybrid Working Environment: Innovative strategies to increase resourcefulness and creativity for robust and productive teams
  3. LATEST! Social Media: Uncover emerging digital platforms worth the investment and ways to maximise results from existing channels with limited time and resources
  4. The Future Of Digital Communications: As the dust settles, assess the success of your rapid pivot to digital and explore what needs to come next
  5. Audience Insights, Data & Personalisation: Boost engagement with data-informed decisions and next-level audience insights which improve targeting and reach – without breaking the bank!
  6. Measure ROI, Prove Digital Campaign Impact: Evidence bang-for-buck to gain crucial buy-in for ongoing and future campaigns
  7. UPDATE! Get Inspired With Creative Content & Campaigns That Cut Through: Curate the right content at the right time and in the right way to inject personality and stand-out to your audience
  8. Digital Fundraising – Embed Crucial Learnings To Maximise Income: Take the best and leave the rest
  9. Budget-Friendly New Tech: When investment doesn’t just mean money but also time and energy, how can you determine the right tools and tech to really make a difference?
  10. Powerful Video & Visual Storytelling: Captivate your audience with video content that inspires and moves people to action

Now Is Your Chance The 10th Annual Engaging Digital Comms Conference - Charities, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector!

Can You Help Organisations Optimise Their Digital Engagement, Reach & Returns?

For more information on how to speak, exhibit or arrange one-to-one meetings at this market-leading conference, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email

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PLUS! What's New At The 10th Annual Engaging Digital Comms Conference - Charities, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector? 

  • 1 Affordable Day!
  • 10 Years Of Tailored, Targeted Case Studies
  • 97% Average Satisfaction Rate!
  • Must- Attend event for Charities, Not-For-Profits and Public Sector Organisations
  • 37 Non-Profit Heads & Directors Speaking: Charities, Government Administration, Higher Education
  • Learn From Your Peers How They Have Adapted Within Budget To The New World Order – New Digital Comms Strategies For The New Digitalised Future
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions: A) Social Media B) Digital Communications In A Hybrid Working Environment C) The Future Of Digital Communications
  • 6 Breakout Discussions: A) Accessible Digital Comms, B) Email Personalisation C) Digital Transformation D) Raising Awareness E) Authentic Communications F) Internal Buy In & Support

The Engaging Digital Comms Conference - Charities, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector At A Glance


Charities, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector Speakers


Average Satisfaction Rating


Advanced Topic Streams


Years Leading The Way


Inspiring Day

97% Delegate Satisfaction Rating At Our Latest Annual Engaging Digital Comms Conference & 10 Years Leading The Way With Ground-Breaking Conferences! Hear What Previous Attendees Think:

"Fast-paced, professionally-led conference brimming with ideas!"

English Heritage

"Useful, practical insights into how to produce engaging, meaningful comms."

"A very full programme of very relevant content."

37 Charities, Not-For-Profits, Public Sector Professionals Offer Practical Insights In 1 Day: The Winning Digital Channel Mix • Digital Communications In A Hybrid Working World • Audience Insights, Data & Personalisation • Social Media • Measure Impact • Cut Through Digital
Content • Digital Fundraising • Budget-Friendly New Tech • Fresh Video Strategies • The Future Of Digital Communications • Low Cost, High Impact


New, Updated, Budget-Friendly Strategies To Engage & Inspire Audiences In A New Era Of Digital Communications & Marketing: Deliver Low-Cost, High-Impact Digital Communications Strategies • From The Pivot To Digital To Winning Channel & Social Media Mixes, How Can We Connect Our Digital Teams To Deliver Inspirational & Creative Campaigns On A Budget? • Leverage New Tech & Audience Insights To Inject Personality & Authenticity Into Comms For Cut Through Content & Video • From “Likes” To Fundraising Income, Evidence Digital Campaign Success. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 26th April 2022, London.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Mark Kelleher, Head of BBC Television Production Systems, BBC

Nana Crawford, Social Media Manager, British Red Cross


09.10 Maximise Reach & Captivate Attention With Perfectly Blended Omni-Channel Journeys & Digital Mixes For Your Organisation

  • Use the channels appropriate for your organisation, get the right tone and maintain brand identity across all channels
  • Create a seamless journey by incorporating new platforms into older, traditional comms
  • TikTok, Clubhouse… are all the new platforms worth the investment?
  • How much time do they take and how much people power do they take to do it well?
  • Personalise the supporter journey and delight stakeholders using the right comms on the right channels

Nafisa Shafiq, Student Communications & Engagement Manager, University of Leeds


09.30 Mitigate Against Pandemic-Related Disruption & Maintain Continuity In Activity With Innovative People Strategies To Keep Comms Teams Cohesive & Creative In A Hybrid Working Environment

  • Team building tactics that keep your people productive and ensure no one gets lost
  • When you can’t bounce ideas off people in the office, how do you keep the spontaneous creativity flowing?
  • Having pivoted at breakneck speed, how do we give space for teams to stop, evaluate and consider learnings and what’s worked really well?
  • Work smarter! Keep the team’s skills up, onboard new staff and maintain culture regardless of limited face-to-face time
  • When comms get poisonous, prioritise your people’s mental health and support them in their work remotely

Emma Duke, Head of Communications, Education, Oxford University Press

Cam Watson, Global Director - Global Brand, Campaigns & Digital Marketing, World Vision

Nic Denson, Director of Technology Delivery, British Heart Foundation

Holly Mckinlay, Senior Communications & Strategy Director, Freshwater & Food, World Wildlife Fund

Emma Robertson, Head of Communications Channels, HM Courts & Tribunals Service

Daniel Klemm, Director of Customer Experience & Communications, Together Housing Group

Rob Mansfield, Digital Lead, World Cancer Research Fund

Nicola Smedley, Director, Marketing & Supporter Engagement, Cancer Research UK


10.00 Follow Your Audience As They Move, Dig Deep On Data & Tailor Spot-On Communications To Boost Engagement

  • Boost engagement with data-informed decisions: get directly in front of your key audience and understand their key drivers to boost action
    with targeted campaigns
  • It’s easy for huge organisations to track how awareness changes around a campaign if they can throw millions at it, but is there someone out there who can tell me how to measure change in
    sentiment on a budget?!
  • Get comms right for each generation – speak to them in an authentic way on the platform they’re on and respond as they evolve

Jonathan Sabarre, Director of Marketing, Newcastle University


10.20 Peter Richman, Managing Director, Plug & Play

10.35 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

SOCIAL MEDIA- Panel Discussion & Q&A

11.20 Win Big On Small Budgets - Engage & Delight Your Audience On Social Channels To Increase Brand Awareness & Engagement

  • Are your Facebook ads working?? Deep dive into the world of paid advertising and assess the pros and cons
  • Yes, there are new platforms to explore and get to grips with, but don’t forget to keep track of the older, established platforms and watch how they evolve to maximise impact
  • Yorkshire vs Tetley: what’s your brand personality on social media? How can you engage people whilst maintaining crucial brand authenticity?
  • Harness social listening to understand what is important to people and reach them where they’re at
  • Worth the investment: what are the opportunities when it comes to celebrity partnership and influencers?

Benjamin Carty, Head Of Communications, Cabinet Office

Klare Kennett, Assistant Director Marketing, Communications & Education, RSPCA

Joe Freeman, Social & Digital Media Lead, NHS Digital

Tom Dixon, Head of Fundraising & Communications, Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

Jake Morgan-Stead, Digital Communications & Engagement Manager, London Borough of Lambeth

Sarah-Jean Ng, Social Media Producer, University of Cambridge


11.50 Innovative & Meaningful Ways To Prove Digital Campaign Impact, Drive Improvement & Inform Future Spend

  • Harness data to evaluate the success of digital campaigns and produce useful insights in ways senior leaders understand
  • Is a ‘like’ a meaningful digital interaction – do you need a share or a comment back to demonstrate the case for investment?
  • Set digital KPIs which evidence your reach and track the digital business impact

Dan Finch, Head of Campaign, Office for National Statistics


12.10 Cultivate Content Which Gains Traction & Captivates Attention Authentically In A Crowded Marketplace

  • Cut through the noise with a unique offering which fuels engagement, ensures ROI and solidifies the comms team as a vital element of organisational success
  • Don’t contribute to news overwhelm: get the right tone to engage supporters when communications are consistently hard and heavy
  • Support the vision of your organisation with a strong narrative infrastructure which inspires social change and progresses your cause
  • Create content which ensures authenticity and clarity of your brand image

12.10 Saskia Konynenburg, Head of External Communications & Consultation, Bristol City Council

12.30 Keith Wilson, Director of Marketing & Communications, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance


12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.20 Informal Breakout Discussions

A. Accessible Digital Comms
Nafisa Shafiq, Student Communications & Engagement Manager, University of Leeds

B. Digital Campaigning
Sharon Natt, Digital Engagement Manager, Amnesty International UK

Elly Crump, Digital Engagement Manager, Amnesty International UK

C. Email Personalisation

D. Digital Transformation

E. Raising Awareness

F. Authentic Communications

G. Internal Buy In & Support

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Elly Sample, Director of Communications, Development & Marketing, University of Lincoln

Peter Allen, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs & Communications, National Highways


14.00 Amy Lockwood, UK Communications Director,


14.20 Pioneering & Actionable Strategies To Upscale Digital Fundraising Strategies & Keep You Competitive In The New Landscape

  • Adapt or die… how have non-profits pivoted to overcome the challenges from the loss of offline and traditional fundraising methods?
  • What budget and resources need to be reallocated to support increased online activity?
  • Having pivoted entirely to digital during the pandemic, assess your successes and choose which innovations to

Chris Morris, Digital Lead, Christian Aid


14.40 Discover The Important Role Social Media Played In The NHS Response To COVID-19

  • From day 1 through to vaccination roll-out, hear how the NHS formed key partnerships and reached different audiences with accessible, standout content in response to the pandemic.

Lilith King Taylor, Senior Social Media Manager, NHS England & NHS Improvement


15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.30 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Future-Proof Your Digital Comms With Cost-Effective Technologies & Strategies That Really Work

  • Don’t fly blind: when budget emerges for a new tool, pick tools that will represent the brand well and provide a good experience for people.
  • Benchmark against other organisations and weigh up the long-term benefits of buying in tech support vs. investing in building and maintaining your own
  • Invest in training staff: pivot the skillset of established employees to bring them into the digital world

Amit Patel, Director of Technology Design & Engineering, British Heart Foundation


16.20 Make Your Mark On The Next Generation With Low-Budget, High-Impact Video Content

  • Captivate your audience, heart and mind, through visual storytelling excellence and build a buzz around your brand
  • TikTok reels, Insta stories: produce innovative video content, just you and your smartphone, to inform, engage and entertain
  •  ‘We did it on a budget and here’s how we made it work!’… uncover innovative ways to approach video that adds value and represents your brand appropriately

Alice Klein, Assistant Director Of Communications, Shelter UK


16.40 Tom Wright, Director of Digital Student Life, University of Lincoln


17.00 Maintain Momentum In The Pivot To Digital & Cherry Pick The Best Bits Of Innovation COVID-19 Kick-Started To Mark Your Organisation Out As A Front Runner

  • What’s next? We have come so far so fast, but there is still room for digital improvement!
  • What does the future of stakeholder engagement and supporter communication look like?
  • Online events increase accessibility and reach but potentially yield lower engagement rates – how much should they feature in your strategy moving forward?
  • Key insights into people’s behaviours and expectations as the world opens up again

Mayur Paul, Director of Movement Communications, Wikimedia Foundation

Benjamin Carty, Head Of Communications, Cabinet Office

Paul Hindle, Acting Associate Director of Communications, De Montfort University

Liam Preston BEM, Head of Communications, YMCA England & Wales

Stephanie Lee FCIM CMktr, Head of Marketing, Communication & Engagement Services Population Data Science, Swansea University

Kenon Man, Deputy Director of Marketing, University of Nottingham

Pawanbir Singh, Head Of Marketing - Research Tools, Cancer Research UK

17.30 Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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