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The Engaging Digital Comms Conference Programme – 24th April 2018, London

Beyond The Theory! Cost-Effectively Maximise Digital Reach, Impact, Conversions & ROI: Cut Through With Results-Boosting, Engaging Digital & Social Comms

33 Charities, Public Sector, Higher Education & Not-For-Profit Organisations Will Showcase Practical Strategies & Real-World Insights

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08.30 Registration & Coffee With Morning Icebreaker Discussion: Digital Overload? “Is digital taking over communications? Should we go back to basics?”

9.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks
8.00 ICON
James Freed
Chief Information Officer
Health Education England

Alison Cook
Director of Policy & Comms
British Lung Foundation


09.20 Next-Level Social Media Engagement: Keep Up With The Latest Trends & Platform Developments & Maximise Social Media Cost Effectiveness

  • What’s up and coming in social media? Which new trends and developing platforms are right for charity, not-for-profit and public sector organisations to stay relevant and drive results?
  • Optimising limited resources, time and funds to make the most of social media opportunities to boost engagement, awareness, fundraising and advocacy
  • Practical tips for keeping social media content fresh to stand out and maintain audience engagement
  • Tracking success on social media: from the go-to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to the growing popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more, which are worth the investment?

David Boorman
Head of Fundraising & Communications


09.40 Join The Discussion! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp…
Q&A icon
What’s hot, what’s not and what are we missing out on? Where should we be focusing our time? What’s worth the investment when every penny counts?

Melissa Thermidor
Social Media Manager
NHS Blood & Transplant

Joe Freeman
Assistant Director, Digital Engagement
Breast Cancer Now

Devia Gurjar
Director of Marketing & Communications

Tom Wright
Director of Digital Student Life
The University of Lincoln

Naomi Rose
Digital Manager
Canal & River Trust

Katie Morrison
Deputy Director of Communications
Great Ormond Street Hospital & Charity


10.10 How To Tick Boxes And Alienate Audiences: A Guide To Failure

What happens when you follow all the rules but make a dud. Brickwall discuss spectacular failures of the digital age and what we can learn from them. We’ll show you a good film too.

Jon Brichto
Managing Director

Ben Pelhan


10.25 Now, Make It Applicable To Your Organisation!
What is the main practical action point you’ve taken from the social media sessions? Discuss with your peers and send in your short answer via our interactive voting tool to see the collective audience insights come together.


10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking & Social Media Troubleshooting Clinics

Grab a coffee then chat with the speakers one-to-one in our informal troubleshooting clinics for advice on any specific, burning issues you’re facing on social media.

Jeremy Monblat
Head of Digital Engagement
Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Kate Cooper-Owen
Head of Content & Communities
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Esme Jones
Senior Marketing Manager
Diabetes UK

Naomi Rose
Digital Manager
Canal & River Trust

Joe Freeman
Assistant Director, Digital Engagement
Breast Cancer Now


11.10 Build Awareness, Advocacy & Engagement: Innovative, Proactive Approaches For Sparking Engagement, Winning Supporters & Driving Loyalty

  • Practical tools for engagement: what are the best approaches and techniques for harnessing digital channels to capture attention and build loyalty and advocacy?
  • What’s the hook? Developing a consistent, stand-out digital brand personality which engages both existing and new supporters
  • Exploring new, innovative strategies for winning hearts and minds in the right way to galvanise your audience and boost digital results - whether opens, likes, click-throughs, shares or petition signatures!

Emma Reynolds
Head of Communications
National Crime Agency


11.30 Creative, Stand-Out Digital Content: Maximise The Power Of Digital Communications With Engaging Content Which Drives Impact & Results

  • The power of storytelling: creating innovative, authentic, attention-grabbing campaigns with targeted content which gets your messages across quickly and effectively
  • Striking the right balance to keep up with constantly changing trends and content-hungry supporters, whilst also prioritising the messages you need to share
  • Establishing a slick, agile content generation and sign-off process to ensure all content is consistent with the same brand message and delivers engaging content quickly

11.30 Samantha Fanning
Head of Digital Communications
St John Ambulance

11.50 Henry Lau
Data Visualisation Lead
Office for National Statistics


12.10 The Future Of Email Engagement

Dave Holland
Regional Director


12.25 Optimise Limited Budgets & Resources: Overcome The Challenges Of Limited Budgets, Time & Resources To Do More With Less

  • Top tips for getting the basics right to deliver more with ever-decreasing resources
  • Fighting for the pennies: overcoming the challenges of limited investment to deliver high-impact digital communications with proven value which secure future buy-in
  • Which new areas should we be prioritising? Advice on balancing budget and resource concerns with the risk of falling behind and missing out on engagement opportunities
  • Exploring any low-cost or free tools available which can help maximise digital engagement, conversions and ROI

Rebecca Sterry
Senior Communications Manager


12.45 Now, Make It Applicable To Your Organisation!

What is the main practical action point you’ve taken from the social media sessions? Discuss with your peers and send in your short answer via our interactive voting tool to see the collective audience insights come together.

12.55 Morning Round-Up & Lunchtime Notices

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.30 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Impactful Digital Advertising
Emma Hartley
Head of Campaigns & Corporate Communications

The Electoral Commission


B) Effective Organisation-Wide Digital Change
John Bevan
Head of Digital
British Heart Foundation

C) Maximising Your Video Impact
Ravinol Chambers
Be Inspired Films

D) Digital-Friendly Internal Processes
Sian Owen
Lead Officer Destination, Marketing & Communications
Denbighshire County Council

14.00 Co-Chairs’ Afternoon Remarks


14.10 Integrated, Engaging Multi-Channel Journeys: Deliver High-Quality, Consistent Multi-Channel Digital Campaigns & Journeys With Real Impact

  • Beyond simply integrating multiple channels, how can we maintain quality and consistency in cross-channel journeys?
  • Combining old and new: advice on bringing together legacy and non-digital platforms with the latest digital platforms to form a seamlessly-integrated channel strategy
  • Ensuring campaign consistency! Devising a cohesive, linked-up approach to bring audiences on an impactful, engaging digital journey
  • Adapting multi-channel journeys to fit with changing needs and expectations and advance in line with mobile, digital and non-digital trends alike to maintain long-term engagement and advocacy

Robin Lewis
Head of Marketing Programmes
National Trust

Tom Barker
Head of Digital
National Trust


14.30 Measure Digital Impact, Value & ROI: Prove Bottom-Line Results With The Most Effective Measurement Strategies, Tools & Techniques

  • From quantifying engagement to demonstrating shifting attitudes to the organisation: the most effective tools and techniques for measuring the intangible, demonstrating bottom-line impact and proving success in achieving digital objectives
  • Avoiding meaningless measures and statistics: devising a more sophisticated approach to tracking and proving ROI by focusing on the right metrics for evaluating digital effectiveness
  • What are the secrets to ensuring colleagues at all levels of the organisation appreciate the importance of digital? Effectively influencing senior teams to secure digital buy-in

Louise Ogden
Head of Communications
British Science Association

Joanna Blackburn
Head of Digital Communications
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Esme Jones
Senior Marketing Manager
Diabetes UK

Mike Suter-Tibble
Head of Digital Performance Analytics
Department for Work & Pensions

David Hunt
Head Of Digital
Breast Cancer Care

Paolo Valenziano
Head of Digital Content Production
Bank of England


15.00 Understand, Reach & Engage Your Target Audience: Take Advantage Of Targeted, Personalised, Relevant Communications On The Right Platforms For Your Audience To Boost Value & Loyalty

  • Understanding insights into your target audience to understand which platforms are most popular to ensure your digital communications are relevant and engaging
  • In a digital-first world, how can we avoid digital exclusion and ensure we’re still reaching and engaging non-digital audiences?
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities in targeted, personalised digital communications to drive engagement and support – and prove it’s worth it!

Andrea Daniels
Director of Strategic Marketing & Digital
British Council


15.20 Greening the web: How can we create zero carbon websites?

    • Few people know that the Internet has roughly the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry.
    • Using data from a new carbon calculator for websites, examples of emissions from real websites will be used to illustrate that websites are not virtual.  They exist in real places and consume real resources.
    • How can we measure the weight of a website, not in kB but in tonnes?  How many party balloons could the CO2 from one website fill each year?  How far could you drive a Tesla with the same amount of electricity as your website uses?
    • Finally, what practical steps can we take to ensure that our websites have a minimal environmental impact without sacrificing user experience?

Tom Greenwood
Managing Director
Wholegrain Digital



15.35 Now, Make It Applicable To Your Organisation!
What is the main practical action point you’ve taken from the social media sessions? Discuss with your peers and send in your short answer via our interactive voting tool to see the collective audience insights come together.

15.45 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.15 Create Engaging, Impactful Video Campaigns: Advice On Standing Out & Engaging New & Established Audiences With High-Impact Video Content

Hear advice from Campaign to End Loneliness, creators of ‘The Loneliness Project’, which reached over 23 million views! What are the secrets to successfully capturing attention and engaging a wide audience to raise awareness of your key messages and boost bottom-line results?

Daniel Pattison
Digital Communications Manager
Campaign to End Loneliness


16.35 The Latest Digital Trends, Technologies & Innovations: Avoid Falling Behind With Insights Into The Trends & Innovations Worth Paying Attention To Which Can Truly Impact Low-Cost Digital Strategies

  • One-off novelty or here to stay? From virtual reality to AI, bitcoin to apps, what new technologies and innovations are available and how can they be practically applied to boost your digital communications?
  • Overcoming the barriers to digital innovation and ensuring you are able to adapt to the latest, fast-moving trends for up-to-date, impactful communications strategies
  • Effectively and innovatively harnessing new technologies to deliver strategic goals
  • Sharing new ideas and different ways of doing things which are applicable to organisations of all sizes

Clive Gardiner
Head of Digital


16.55 Now, Make It Applicable To Your Organisation!
What is the main practical action point you’ve taken from the social media sessions? Discuss with your peers and send in your short answer via our interactive voting tool to see the collective audience insights come together.

17.10 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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